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Remedial Repair of Rotting Wood Columns


Uneven floors or cracks in walls or both


The wood columns absorb moisture and dry rot at the bottom. The existing piers, usually a one foot square-limestone block fails and sinks. Non-engineered beams and columns cannot support heavy loads above.


The wood beam is temporarily shored to remove and replace the rotted wood columns with Schedule 40 steel pipe columns, 75-ton adjustable screws and concrete piers. Leveling is done with hydraulic rams and secured with adjustable screws.

The Dave Pate Advantage:

Maintain elevation due to a "REPAIR" area above or level to a compromise.

Replace Failed Wood Beam with Steel Beam, Columns and Concrete Piers


Rolling floors, walls crack, sticky doors and upper floor settlement. Undersized beams sag from column to column.


The joist is temporarily shored to remove the wood beams and columns. We excavate to place concrete piers, install Schedule 40 steel columns, 75-ton adjustable screws and a W8 XX steel beam (beam size to be engineered). Compromise level is achieved by a string line, levels or a laser level using hydraulic rams to raise, secure and adjust screw.

Joist of the same dimension can be "sistered" next to failed joist for repair

The Dave Pate Advantage:

Structural components are engineered and manufactured by Dave Pate & Sons Construction. Leveling is skillfully done with 6 decades of experience.